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Terms and Conditions!


Kriss-Com will perform the work agreed with the Client in professional manner using every care to accomplish a satisfactory service.


The Contractor offers standard (for general issues), next day and up to 6 hourís response time for emergencies and business stoppage circumstances.

Kriss-Com will not be liable for any data loss, hardware failure or software corruption not caused by our engineers.


  • On-Site engineers can be called out at any time during working hours with the minimum call out time being 1 hour.
  • Our telephone support is for a minimum time of 1/4 of an hour.
  • Our remote server access is for a minimum time of 1/2 of an hour.
  • The Contractor shall invoice the Client for services provided monthly.
  • The Client must pay within 14 days after the Contractor provided a service.
  • The Client shall not pay money directly to any personnel sent to the Client by the Contractor, as all money must be paid to the Contractor by cheque or through the contractorís bank account.
  • For one-off services the Client must pay directly to the engineer. Alternative payments must be prearranged.


  • If you would like to book before 8am or after 6.30pm, the price will be 15% higher than the quoted price.
  • For clients outside London Tube Zone 6 a traveling charge of £20 will be added (up to 40 miles beyond zone 6) destinations beyond this will be priced separately.
  • Car park and congestion charge will apply if there are any.
  • If no arrangement has been made and for no reason payment is delayed more than 14 days, there will be 2% penalty charge per day.
  • Cheques returned or represented by our bank will incur an administration charge of £25 per transaction.


The Client may cancel/re-schedule a repair/maintenance visit by giving at least 24 hours notice. If not notified on time we will charge a cancellation fee of £40 for the booked service.

Please note that when ordering a new custom built computer you will be liable to pay the full cancellation fee £40 if you cancel more than 24 hours after the initial order.

Kriss-Com reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions. By ordering service by telephone, e-mail, fax or website the Client is agreeing to be bound by Kriss-Comís terms and conditions.